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“Sometimes when you win, you really lose. Sometimes when you lose, you really win. Sometimes when you win or lose, you really tie. And sometimes when you tie, you really win or lose.” (Quote from White Men Can’t Jump). 

This simple, yet insightful quote has been extremely impactful in my life, providing balance in times of triumph and failure. This wisdom has served me well. Although young by many standards, I have achieved quite a bit: I hold my Masters and Bachelors from top-tier universities (Pepperdine University / University Of Texas at Austin), I have been a top performer within corporate (Cisco, Waddell & Reed, Morgan Stanley) and entrepreneurial contexts having built profitable, thriving businesses, and I have written and self-published a book. 

So, you might be scratching your head asking yourself, “What’s the catch? Why leave? Why change?”...and so on. The reason is this: I can’t shut it off.  And the only way to truly be “full” is to consistently be spending time with activities and people that “fill you up.” This “whisper,” which later became a “scream,” eventually led me to follow my intuition and leave corporate America in 2014. Perhaps you have been in a similar place, where you felt like you were destined to do something more, unique, or different, or were misaligned with what was going on around you? I know I sure did. 


It was shortly after this that I started tapping into personal development, and ultimately, coaching. I knew I could help people through similar life transitions regarding professional growth and organizations through necessary transformations. ‘N Good Company was born and I began writing my book, “Intrapreneurship: Changing Business Culture From the Inside  Out.” This business memoir shares insight, tools, and tips to help 

organizations (and individuals) prepare for the largest transfer of wealth our history has ever seen between the Baby Boomers and Millennials.

One last note, I’d like to thank my parents, friends, teachers, and mentors  who have helped provide support and guidance along the way. I would never be where I am today without you.

I can appreciate that you have choices when it comes to the services I provide and I acknowledge not everyone is for me and I’m not for everyone. I want people and organizations who are only interested in dedication, discipline, and “go for no”. You must be ok with discomfort in order to achieve ridiculous success and growth. As John Wooden said, “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” If you are a transformation seeker, I encourage you to continue perusing my website to learn more.

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